RENFERT Vario-Jet Automatic sandblasters 110 Volts Each-1 Tank-Recirculating- #2961-1000 #29611000

RENFERT Vario-Jet Automatic  sandblasters   110 Volts Each-1 Tank-Recirculating- #2961-1000 #29611000
CODE: 023-2961-1000

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RENFERT Vario Jet Recyclable Sandblasting

Automatic Sandblaster
# 023-2961-1000 - Mfg # 29611000

Function & Performance RENFERT Vario Jet Sandblasters
The Vario jet is the ideal recycling sandblaster for economic sandblasting. It can be operated both in the Automatic and manual mode.

Advantages  RENFERT VARIO JET Sandblasters 
*   Exact coordination of the essential sandblasting parameters (pressure, time, grit size).
*   Intelligent extraction system: only unusable fine dust is extracted.
*   High degree of freedom of movement due to easily removable sandblasting basket.

The intelligent extraction system  RENFERT VARIO JET Sandblasters 
50% saving in abrasive consumption. The extraction channels have been designed, so that only unusable fine dust is removed.

The nozzle  RENFERT VARIO JET Sandblasters 
Can be positioned at three different distances to the blasting basket. It is made from highly resistant boron carbide. The distance and angle of the nozzle to the casting are determined by the rotational direction of the basket, so that 100% blasting efficiency is achieved in minimal time.

The blasting basket  RENFERT VARIO JET Sandblasters 
Rotates with a special geometry. Up to 7 CrCo castings can be sandblasted simultaneously. On average a framework is fully automatically sandblasted in only 10 minutes. A rubber basket insert protects the frameworks and baskets. The blasting basket is easily removed in only one step (for manual sandblasting). 

Technical Features  RENFERT VARIO JET Sandblasters 
*   Intuitive operating logic.
*   Program selection via a membrane keypad.
*   Blasting pressure can be set from 1 to 6 bar (14.5 - 87 psi).
*   Manometer pressure display.
*   Automatic control of an external extraction with controlled shut-off delay between 5 and 30 sec.
*   Inlet opening and connection possibility for a compressed-air-driven unit (microblaster, pneumatic deflasking chisel, outlet nozzle).
*   Highly resistant, coated glass panel.
*   Cotton-coated protective gloves.

Key functions  RENFERT VARIO JET Sandblasters 

*   Fully Automatic blasting of up to 7 model cast objects
*   Clever extraction system: only unusable fine dust particles are extracted
*   50% less consumption of blasting material in comparison to other conventional recyclable units