Vaniman Dental Suction

Vaniman Dental Suction

Vaniman dental suction equipment is known throughout the industry for ease of use, reliability and low maintenance. US Dental Depot offers this and other equipment at extremely reasonable prices, and we’ll also get it to you quickly. If you have a question, one of our expert staff members will have all the answers you need. We’ve earned a lot of trust over the years, because practitioners and laboratory technicians know they can count on us. We look forward to the chance to earn your trust as well. 

Why Choose Vaniman?

For nearly 40 years, Vaniman dental suction products have been synonymous with quality. Their equipment is durable enough to handle the most challenging environments, and meticulously assembled in the United States of America.

Vaniman dental suction products are incredibly quiet. They safely capture potentially dangerous aerosols that can often be produced during dental procedures, thanks to the fact that it contains a powerful HEPA filter that is medical grade. This filter does an amazing job of capturing contaminants such as viruses and other microbes.

These products are also incredibly convenient, because they offer hands-free operation. You simply can’t go wrong by choosing Vaniman equipment – it’s much more powerful than the competition, and it’s about half the price than similar products on the market.

Features of Vaniman dental suction equipment include the following:

  • A flexible collection tube.
  • Four rolling wheel casters for easy movement.
  • An on/off switch the practitioner can operate with his or her foot.
  • A 135 CFM high-suction turbine motor.
  • Four-speed adjustment.
  • And many others.

A Vast Inventory of Dental Equipment and Supplies

At US Dental Depot, we want to be your go-to source for whatever kinds of equipment or supplies you may need. With more than 40,000 products in stock, you won’t ever have to go anywhere else. Our goal is to help your practice thrive, and we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen.

If you are in the market for Vaniman dental suction equipment, we’ll have exactly what you need. Contact US Dental Depot online or call +1 954-874-6325 to learn more.

Vaniman Dental Suction

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