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The Wand Anesthesia

The Wand anesthesia tool is a true breakthrough in dental care. It makes the patient experience much more comfortable, eliminating the need for painful, intimidating shots. US Dental Depot proudly carries The Wand anesthesia tool, as well as more than 40,000 other products from the biggest and best names in the industry. 

About The Wand System

The Wand anesthesia system makes giving multiple numbing shots a thing of the past. Instead of having to use syringes, dentists can simply use the system to deliver anesthetic in a discreet, painless manner. A computer controls the flow of anesthetic, instead of a dentist having to use the old-fashioned method of administering stinging injections.

The Wand itself resembles a small pen that’s on the end of a cord. The tip of the wand houses a tiny needle that delivers the anesthetic. Instead of a big, scary syringe, the patient will see a benign instrument. This will help ease anxiety in children as well as adults who get nervous about getting a shot.

You’ll never have to worry about delivering the right amount of anesthetic, because The Wand anesthesia tool is incredibly precise. It administers the perfect amount for the tissue density of the area of the mouth being treated, and the results are immediate.

Another huge benefit for patients is that the system only numbs the areas that need to be numbed, rather than other sections of the mouth that aren’t being treated. Patients will be able to get back to work or school much faster. They’ll look, talk, drink and eat just like normal.

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The Wand Anesthesia

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