KEYSTONE  Machine III Vacuum Formers 110volts, - #7000330
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KEYSTONE MACHINE III Vacuum Former. 110 Volt, # 7000330

 KEYSTONE MACHINE III Vacuum Former  is Lightweight, rust-free aluminum frame.
Uses 5"x 5" resin sheets.

 KEYSTONE MACHINE III Vacuum Former has been a staple in KEYSTONE Industries long-lasting line of highly-recommended Vacuum formersmachines. THE price, features and reliability make it THE first choice in dental Vacuum formers.  KEYSTONE MACHINE III Vacuum Former has more power than any other dental Vacuum former, which means THE production of more accurate and definite dental thermoplastic appliances.

THE aluminum construction is long-lasting, eliminating THE possibility of rust over time.
THE heating element is symmetrically engineered for even heat distribution throughout THE thermoplastic material.

 KEYSTONE MACHINE III Vacuum Former is used to process bleaching trays, sports mouthguards, implant stints, temporary splints, custom impression trays, denture bases, copings, temporary crowns and bridges and orthodontic appliances.

Features  KEYSTONE MACHINE III Vacuum Former 
- Easy-to-use system
- Uses 5x5 resin sheets
- Available in 110 Volt and 220 Volt
- MACHINE weight: 22 lbs.
- Symmetrical heating system
- Lightweight, rust-free aluminum frame
- Made in THE U.S.A.
- 5-year guarantee on parts and labor 


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