MPF BRUSH Synthesis Brush #8 Mfg.#105-8000 1058000 - #MPF BRUSH co

MPF BRUSH Synthesis Brush #8 Mfg.#105-8000 1058000 - #MPF BRUSH co
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Synthesis Brush

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MPF Brush Co - SYNTHESIS Brush #8
Synthetic Ceramic Brush
# 122997 - Mfg # 105-8000

MPF BRUSHES features :
The latest Brush in our range, a practical, affordable addition to your ceramic build up department, the MPF SYNTHESIS Brush fuses both the humid properties of Kolinsky and the maneuverability of synthetic hair, giving you the best of both elements.

Size: 8

When searching for MPF Brush products, if you are not able to find the MPF Brush product you are looking for. Let us know, we will contact MPF Brush co and bring what you are looking for.

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