Renfert Dental Lab Equipment

Renfert Dental Lab Equipment

Renfert dental lab equipment from US Dental Depot is designed to provide intelligent, efficient. We carefully choose each and every product we sell, making sure they deliver the highest levels of both quality and value. As a result, you can feel totally at ease when you make a purchase from us, no matter what it may be.

The Renfert Silent Compact Extraction Unit

The Silent Compact, one of the best-selling pieces of Renfert dental lab equipment, is one of the most durable and advanced extraction units available. It might be small in size, but it’s extremely powerful. You no longer will have to deal with changing dust bags, because the unit offers fine filter technology that renders dust bags obsolete. It also has a filter cleaning function, eliminating yet another hassle. 

This attractive piece of Renfert dental lab equipment features two suction levels, and also offers filter efficiency of 99.9 percent. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider using it in your lab.

  • Safety – The Silent Compact can make your indoor environment much cleaner, thanks to incredibly strong suction power and dust prevention.
  • Noise reduction – Because the unit operates so quietly, technicians will not have to deal with distractions.
  • Ease of use – The unit provides direct access to all controls, and provides intuitive operation.
  • Sophistication – The Silent Compact also offers advanced, intelligent two-way communication with CAM extractors. Messages can be quickly processed, such as activating the cleaning function, turning the unit on and off, and more.
  • Durability – The motor has a running time of more than 800 operating hours. When it needs to be changed, you can do so easily and quickly. Replacement only takes a few minutes, greatly reducing downtime as a result. Overall, the Silent Compact has a long service life of more than 5,000 operating hours.

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Renfert Dental Lab Equipment

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