PRO-FORM - Heavy Duty Mouthguards Straps Boxes GRAY 1.5in - 38.1mm Deep 12p #9575635

PRO-FORM  - Heavy Duty Mouthguards Straps Boxes GRAY 1.5in - 38.1mm Deep 12p #9575635
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PRO-FORM - Heavy Dut Mouthguards Strap Boxes
Thermoplastic Accesories

# 034-9575635 - Mfg # 9575635

* This is an ideal box for a mouthguard with an attached helmet strap. The cases are made of high-density polypropylene with a hinged lid.
* A slit on the front of the box allows for the mouthguard strap to come out of the box. This helps athletes from losing mouthguards and keeping them clean.
* Dental Resources has developed a new, triple-layered, heavy-duty mouthguard material. It is 30 percent thicker than standard materials and it has three layers of shock-absorbing, soft EVA molded into one sheet. It also has the PRO-FORM anterior brace giving added protection to the injury-prone upper anteriors.
* The new EXTRA PRO mouthguards come in packages of 12 and are available in Clear, Blue, Black, red, Green, Yellow, and red/White/Blue. If the athlete is involved with extra-heavy contact, the PRO-FORM EXTRA PRO is the material of choice.

Color: Gray
Size: 1.5 in - ( 38.1 mm ) Deep
Package: 12

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