GC Fuji Filling LC BLUE (Core Shade) Refill - Light-cured, Resin Reinforced - #002480
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GC Filling LC
Light Blue
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GC Fuji Filling LC BLUE (Core Shade) Refill - LIGHT-CURED, Resin Reinforced - #002480

Product Information
GC Fuji FillingLC is the ultimate resin reinforced glass Ionomer Restorative. It takes LIGHT-CURED, resin reinforced glass Ionomer restoratives to a whole new level. It provides the ultimate Restorative performance, making the biocompatible glass Ionomer dental materials an integral part of your practice!

GC Fuji FillingLC offers increased adhesion thanks to our no rinse SELF CONDITIONER which cleans and conditions the bonding surface to promote a stronger bond and minimizes sensitivity
GC Fuji FillingLC gives you superior aesthetics - providing higher translucency and natural-looking appearance, in many cases, you won’t think of using a composite!

Why choose GC Fuji FillingLC?
-User-friendly technique - easy to place in a moist field
-Toothlike coefficient of thermal expansion provides unsurpassed marginal seal and stability
-Direct bond to the tooth structure - no undercuts or bonding agents required
-Ultimate fluoride protection -almost twice the fluoride release of any other Restorative
-Useful for Class V Restorations such as cervical erosions, abfractions and root surface restorations
-Works great under posterior composite

Blue (Core) - Contains: One GC Fuji Filling LC Refill Cartridge (8 g; 3.9 mL)

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