MPF BRUSH  Composite Stain Brush Straight 3 in 1 kit - #300-3000
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MPF Composite Stain Brush Straight 3 in 1 kit

Introducing the MPF Direct Composite applicators, these tools are designed with ergonomics, comfort and balance in mind. The unique design of each and every tip allow for intraoral application and also for the dental technicians lab Composite applications as well.

?he handles are made from anodised aluminium and the tips are stainless steel that have a special BLACK DIAMOND coating.

These tools are all autoclavable and can withstand any sterlisation process. They are NOT to be cleaned by using wire Brush techniques as this can destroy the coating process. Care must be taken by using a soft Brush to remove any reminiscence of Composite material.

When searching for MPF Brush products, if you are not able to find the MPF Brush product you are looking for. Let us know, we will contact MPF Brush co and bring what you are looking for.