KEYSTONE Bristle HP Mounted Brushes #9 Extra Stiff - 14mm - 144pk #1170070

KEYSTONE Bristle  HP Mounted Brushes #9 Extra Stiff - 14mm - 144pk #1170070
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Extra Stiff


KEYSTONE - Bristle Brushes #9 Extra Stiff
Blistle Bristle Brushes
# 034-1170070 - Mfg # 1170070

t Bristle Brushes are classic, high quality natural mounted Bristle Brushes The Brushes are ideal for cleaning and POLISHING of denture acrylic, cleaning interproximal spaces after denture deflasking, and for general laboratory POLISHING applications.


* Application of materials of polish and polish of compounds processed by laboratory, metallic crowns and of ceramics.
* The durable design features permanently attached bristles for improved performance and extended life without flaring.
* Available in standard stiff, and Extra Stiff bristles for use in all POLISHING, finishing and cleaning tasks.

Package: 144 per pack.

Size: #9 - ( 14mm )


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