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If you have a dental facility requiring the highest quality San Antonio dental instruments, US Dental Depot is here for you! We’ve been around since 2005, and have over 40,000 products available from the brand names you already use! We serve our customers with the best dental instruments in San Antonio TX (and around the globe). 

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We love our Texas customers! They appreciate the simplicity of our online store with a user-friendly search function containing helpful filers. That means you can find the exact product you need, and fast! And here’s something else that’s ultra fast… our shipping.

Question: What items are regularly purchased from our convenient online store for San Antonio dental instruments? Here are some examples:

  • Dental trays
  • Brushes
  • Attachments
  • Tooth polishers
  • Casting units
  • Electro polishers
  • Filters that are up to 99% effective on coronavirus in one pass!
  • And all the San Antonio dental instruments you could need!

We ship right to your doorstep in record time – even heavy items. US Dental Depot ships out orders from our online store, every day, at the best prices in the industry. Furthermore, you have access to highly detailed images for products and their corresponding instruction manuals.

Your Dental Equipment and Dental Instruments… but Easier

Our customers know they can depend on our top name brands in dental instruments in San Antonio TX and superb customer service. You can call us, day or night, and get answers to your technical questions. We’re dealers of over 65 leading dental manufacturers worldwide.

We know your business (and sometimes your patients) depend upon timely and courteous service. That’s what we’re here for! So, when you need your most trusted San Antonio dental instruments, you can count on us to deliver. And please remember that our online store will issue timely reminders about the very best new dental instruments in San Antonio TX coming onto the market.

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