Ray Foster Model Trimmer

Ray Foster Model Trimmer

The Ray Foster model trimmer is widely regarded as the gold standard in the industry. The company has been synonymous with reliability and quality for more than 60 years, chosen by dental practitioners and laboratories across the globe. US Dental Depot carries several different Ray Foster dental products, and we have a team of passionate professionals who can answer all of your questions. 

The Epitome of Practical, Intelligent Design

Every Ray Foster model trimmer we offer is manufactured in the USA. All Ray Foster products have withstood the test of time, and are available at very affordable prices. They’re built to handle the challenging demands of dental labs and dental practices, and will perform to your exact specifications each and every time.

When you purchase a Ray Foster model trimmer through US Dental Depot, you’ll receive a dependable, rugged piece of equipment made from extremely strong, heavy gauge cast aluminum. They contain solid brass and stainless steel fittings, and are finished with a high gloss white epoxy coating inside and out. This not only provides a very attractive finish, but also corrosion resistance and amazing durability.

Dental professionals have used this brand of model trimmer for decades because they know they’re the benchmark by which all others are measured. The first “swinging door” trimmer, the Ray Foster model trimmer is precision balanced for quiet, smooth operation. You can use them for years without needing service, regardless of how demanding your needs may be.

Here are just a few features of this incredible piece of equipment.

  • A reversible grinding wheel.
  • An adjustable work table that offers full radius water spray capabilities.
  • A rugged motor that is UL-compliant and certified for safety.

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The Ray Foster model trimmer is just one of the thousands of products you’ll find from US Dental Depot. We represent more than 60 of the leading equipment and product manufacturers in the dental industry, and we’re extremely proud of each and every one of them. If you would like to learn more about any of our products, please contact us online or call +1 954-874-6325.

Ray Foster Model Trimmer

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