Lang Dental Products

Lang Dental Products

For nearly 100 years, Lang dental products have helped make dental practices more efficient and more profitable. US Dental Depot carries products from not only Lang, but more than 60 other leading companies as well. We’ll not only get your products to you quickly, we’ll also be here to answer any questions you may have. At US Dental Depot, we pride ourselves on customer service. You’ll never find another supplier that cares more for customers than we do. Anybody can sell dental products – we go above and beyond, because we want to help your practice succeed.

About Lang

You’ll find several different Lang dental products on our website. The company offers self-curing acrylic products that are trusted by technicians and clinicians across the globe. Here is a quick look at just a few of the ones you’ll find on our website.

  • Jet Seal – This self-curing resin surface sealant is perfect for providing a strong seal for both hard and soft relines. It is also designed for denture repairs, restorations, and temporary bridges and crowns. It features an innovative polymerizing formula that only takes one minute to dry. You can easily apply it to any acrylic surface just by using a brush. Jet Seal fills porous surfaces, such as those associated with bridges, dentures and crowns, very effectively – while also providing excellent aesthetics.
  • Jet Tooth Shade – One of the best-selling Lang dental products, Jet Tooth Shade is a self-curing acrylic resin that makes temporary bridges and crowns stronger. It also makes them more color-stable. It sets very quickly, typically within 6-9 minutes, and is also easy to trim and polish.
  • Ortho-Jet – This self-curing resin provides exceptional wear resistance for orthodontic appliances such as night guards and occlusal splints. It will not slump, and also features an extra-find bead size for superior adaptation with minimal shrinkage.

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Lang Dental Products

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