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Hager Worldwide Dental

If you’re a dental professional, there’s a very good chance you’re familiar with Hager Worldwide dental products. US Dental Depot carries an extensive line of supplies and equipment from Hager Worldwide, as well as more than 60 other leading manufacturers. But we’re more than just a website where you can buy products. We want to be a true partner, helping you take your practice to heights you might not have ever imagined possible.

About US Dental Depot

Whether you’re looking for Hager Worldwide dental products or anything else you’ll find on our pages, we want you to know you can buy from us with complete confidence. We have decades of experience in the dental industry, and we are committed to building lasting relationships with the people we serve.

Our knowledge is unmatched, as is our customer support network. We’ll be here for you 24/7, and will do everything we can to make you feel valued. If you have any special shipping needs, or you want to combine orders from several providers into one shipment, we’ll be more than happy to help.

But we do a lot more when it comes to customer service. Because of the size of our inventory and our ability to buy in bulk, we can offer incredibly low prices. While other companies might choose to put those savings into their own pockets, we’ll put them in yours instead.

Hager Worldwide Avions Lab Glasses

Among the many Hager Worldwide dental products we carry are the company’s Avions lab glasses. Safety is already priority one with your practice, and these glasses will help make sure you and the rest of your staff have the eye protection you need. Here are just a few features the Avions glasses offer.

  • They are made to conform to the rigid ISO 9002 industry standard.
  • Avions glasses come in five different diopter strengths, and the lenses are extremely resistant to scratching.
  • You can also use them for detailed, fine work because a magnifier is incorporated into the lenses.

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Hager Worldwide Dental

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