GC America Dental

GC America Dental

GC America dental products have a 100-year tradition of excellence and quality. US Dental Depot carries many different GC America products, including the extremely popular MI Paste and MI Paste Plus tooth crèmes. We also carry products and equipment from more than 60 other manufacturers – and all of them can help your practice thrive. If you ever need any sort of information on anything you’ll find on our site, please contact us at your earliest convenience. 

About GC America Dental

Like all of the leading manufacturers whose products we carry, GC America dental products are made with quality in mind. The president of the company visits several different departments on a regular basis, conducting a thorough review of all of them. By doing this, the president can get an up-close look at how company policies are being implemented. After the review, the president sits down with not only management personnel, but also front-line employees to exchange ideas and identify issues.

These meetings typically last anywhere from three to six hours. During this time, the president clearly outlines areas where improvements can be made. This attention to detail is just one of the many reasons we’re so proud to carry GC America products on the US Dental Depot website.

MI Paste and MI Paste Plus

Two of the most popular GC America dental products, these are not brands of toothpaste. Rather, they are crèmes applied on the tooth surface. Patients can use these crèmes several times a day very safely. Both MI Paste and MI Paste Plus deliver critically important minerals to the mouth, including phosphate, calcium and, in the case of MI Paste Plus, fluoride.

Both of these products are the only ones on the market that contain RECALDENT™. This is a special protein derived from milk that helps deliver the minerals mentioned above.

Benefits of MI Paste and MI Paste Plus include the following:

  • Minimization of sensitivity both before and after cleaning and teeth whitening procedures.
  • Available in a wide range of flavors.
  • Does not cause irritation in patients with dry mouth.

If you would like more information on the GC America dental products you’ll find on the US Dental Depot website, call +1 954-874-6325 or contact us online.

GC America Dental

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