SHOFU SHOFU Beautifil Flow Plus F03 2.2gr Syringe   BW - BLEACH WHITE - #2024
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SHOFU - BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus F03 2.2gr Syringe 
Flowable Composite

The development of BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus F00 and F03 is based on creating the highest level of compressive strength whilst keeping it as easy to handle like flowables.
BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is available in an injectable, but extremely stable flow type F00  and a moderately flowing type F03.
Both are suited to the known flow indications, but as well to the occlusion-bearing areas which means they can also be used for class I and II fillings.
Thanks to a 360 º rotary finger grip and a replaceable fine cannula the Flow Plus composites are easy to be applied directly out of the syringes.
A wide range of colors and various opacious shades are available for aesthetic restorations in single and multi shade technique.

* Anterior And Posterior Restorations
* Repair Of Restorations

* High Tensile And Flexural Strength
* Available In Two Viscosities
* Utilization Of "Cone Technique" Is Possible
* Innovative Design Of Syringes
* Light Transmission And Light Diffusion Properties Similar To Those Of Enamel And Dentine


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