SHOFU - Beautifil II Refill 4.5gr - Shade: A4 - # 1405

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BrandBeautifill II Manufacturer # .Mfg #. 1405 ManufacturerBy SHOFU
Beautifil II Refill 4.5gr A4
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SHOFU - Beautifil II Syringe Refill A4
Light Cure Hybrid
# 106700 - Mfg # 1405



Composite with Fluoride - Release and Recharge


* Beautifil II is an universal nano-hybrid composite incorporating S-PRG ( surface pre reacted glass ionomer ) technology that contains a stable phase of glass-ionomer for aesthetic and long-lasting restorations that release and recharge fluoride.

* Beautifil II responds to the concentration of fluoride in the mouth while maintaining the strength and stability of a composite resin. In JADA, a major clinical study was published citing no secondary caries after 8 years, and 95% of luster was retained1.

* In a follow up clinical study (to be published), after 13 years secondary caries were only found in 2 of the 61 restorations, with a retention rate of 66%2, making it a great choice for pediatric care and high-caries risk patients.

* In addition to the S-PRG fillers, discrete nano fillers (10~20nm) have been included in the filler structure to obtain a filler load of 83.3 wt% for fast and easy polishing with an outstanding surface luster which retains over time.


S-prg Technology:

* Superior handling

* High level of radiopacity

* Desired properties of glass-ionomers

* Fluoride release and recharge

* Biocompatibility/re-mineralization

* Long term clinical stability

* Shade conformity ( optical property )

* Aesthetics close to natural teeth

* Resistance to wear of posterior teeth

* Anti-plaque effect


Physical Properties:

* Flexural Strength: 130 Mpa

* Vickers Hardness: 62 Hv

* Wear Resistance: 0.52 wt%

* Filler Load: 83.3 wt%

* Depth of Cure: 5.9 mm

* Radiopacity: 3.4 Al : mm

* Fluoride Release & Recharge: Yes


Shade: A4


Weight: 4.5grs


Package :
Beautifill II
Manufacturer #:
.Mfg #.1405
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