SHOFU - Beautibond Bottle 6ml bottle Kit - 7th Generation - # 1781

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Beautibond 6ml Bottle kit
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SHOFU - Beautibond Bottle 6ml
Enamel & Dentine Bonding

# 114942 - Mfg # 1781

7th Generation Bonding

* The One-Component Adhesive in the MiCD Concept Light-cure Self-Etching One Component Dental Adhesive
* The strength and durability of BeautiBond has been validated through in vitro studies and multi-site clinical studies as well as SEM and TEM observation.
* 1-3 n BeautiBond, which contains 6-MHPA, has bond strength comparable to that of leading multi-component bonding systems.  BeautiBond delivered outstanding results in worldwide clinical trials.
* BeautiBond demonstrated comparable bond strength to multi-component Clearfil SE Bond before and after thermocycling with a simplified bonding procedure.
* This 7th generation all-in-one adhesive has two monomers stable to hydrolysis that offer a bonding to enamel and dentine with a high level of initial and long-term stability.
* It also minimises the risk of edge discolouration in the bonding joint. You only need one component to reliably etch, prime and bond in less than 30 seconds which means that you totally eliminate long and laborious steps such as shaking or mixing. You achieve reliable and reproducible results. White discolourations of the gingival are virtually impossible due to the HEMA-free composition.

Manufacturer #:
.MPN #.1781