Pleated Face Masks - BLUE - Ear Loop - 50pk Masks per box ( Three ply ) FDA

Pleated  Face Masks - BLUE - Ear Loop - 50pk  Masks per box ( Three ply ) FDA
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Pleated Face Mask
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Pleated Face Masks - BLUE 

Disposable Mask

ECCO- Pleated Face Masks with ear loops and plastic shield are Disposable dental Masks that attach snugly to the face for enhanced protection.

Superb protection is available at an excellent value in the Ecco Pleated Face Mask with Ear Loops. The combination of comfort and contamination protection.

Personal protective equipment Pleated Face Masks 
Pleated Face Masks prevents airborne transmission of infections
The face Masks acts by blocking the movement of pathogens
Each Pleated Face Mask comes with an adjustable nose clip and elastic loops to ensure a comfortable fit.
Face Masks are dust-proof, splash-proof and anti-smoke

Pleated face Masks can be used for public outdoor areas, schools, offices and home use.
Face Masks are for the prevention of infections present in the air.

The design of the pleated face Masks retains 90% of the particles
Duration of the pleated face Masks is for 8 hours, approximate.

These face Masks are resistant to fluids 

Color: BLUE 

Quantity: 50 Masks per box  FDA 

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