NSK-Surgic XT Plus Optical ( with light ) Complete Set.-with Handpiece X-SG20L 20.1 Optical - 110vol ts - Made in Japan - #Y1001203 + X-SG20L - #Y141-246 Item

NSK-Surgic XT Plus Optical ( with light ) Complete Set.-with Handpiece X-SG20L 20.1 Optical - 110vol ts - Made in Japan - #Y1001203 + X-SG20L - #Y141-246 Item
NSK-Surgic XT Plus Optical ( with light ) Complete Set.-with Handpiece X-SG20L 20.1 Optical - 110vol ts - Made in Japan - #Y1001203 + X-SG20L - #Y141-246 Item

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Surgic XT Plus O


NSK -Surgic XT Plus OPTICAL ( With Light )
Implant Micromotors

# 002-SURGICAL - Mfg # Y100-1203

* Control Unit
* Optic Micromotor With 2m Cord
* FC51 Foot Control (IPX8 Certified)
* SG20L-C1003-001 Handpiece (20:1 reduction)
* Irrigation Tube (5pcs.) and other acessories

* Control Unit
* Max. Output/Max. Torque: 210W/50N.cm
* Power Supply: AC120V 50/60 Hz
* Max. Pump Output: 75mL/min
* Programs: 10 Programs
* Dimensions: W268 x D230 x H103 mm
* Shipp info 15x16x13 inches & 18 lb (8.3 Kg) Micromotor
* Motor Speed: 200~40,000 min-1

Foot Control:
* Speed Control: Variable
* Foot Control Functions: Speed Control, Coolant Control,
* Forward / Reverse, Program control
* Applied Standard: IPX8

The smart reliable surgical micromotor that follows your exact command.At first sight the NSK Surgic XT is impressive. The compact minimal style console, and robust foot control module, have been designed especially for the aseptic environment. The smart programmable electronic system responds instantly to human commands, allowing uninterrupted focus on surgical procedures. The Surgic XT micromotor effortlessly endures prolonged surgical procedures, without significant heat generation, and is ergonomically designed to adapt comfortably to the human hand form. NSK technology confirms Surgic XT as your most reliable partner in the precision surgical environment of modern oral surgery.

* All program adjustments can be performed hands-free via the foot control
* All operating program and control modes may be set or adjusted hands-free, during surgery via the foot control. This includes speed control, coolant flow, and direction of rotation. The foot control has been designed to prevent accidental activation of the micromotor system. The robust and durable foot control has been produced with a non-slip under surface to prevent sliding on all floor surfaces.
* NSK Surgic XT brushless micromotor-High power 210W-Powerful torque 50Ncm-Lowest noise and vibration
* The wide variable speed range of 200-40,000rpm provides the flexibility for all surgical procedures. As an example, by using a 20:1 speed reduction handpiece attachment the speed range is adjusted to 10-2,000 rpm and torque is maximized to 50Ncm. The NSK Surgic XT micromotor produces the lowest noise and vibration in this class.
* NSK superior technology results in a slim ergonomic micromotor with remarkably high power
* Compact and virtually vibration free, the NSK Surgic XT is designed to fir comfortably to the human form for prolonged periods. The size and comfort of the brushless micromotor is achieved without compromise to the torque and speed output. Durability is assured even with repeated autoclaving. * The large LED display offers immediate recognition of the selected operational program details
* The selected operational program, including speed, torque, coolant flow, forward/reverse direction, gear ratio, and program number is shown in large LED display. During reverse mode, intermittent beeps sound as a safety precaution. By adopting the bar graph, the running speed or torque will be shown as a percentage of the maximum speed or torque setting.
* Effective adjustable coolant solution delivered by a powerful and reliable pump
* Coolant low volume may be controlled to any of 5 settings, or stopped. During surgery, coolant low can be adjusted or stopped via the foot pedal.
* Automatic calibration of every individual handpiece attachment
* Every handpiece attachment has individual resistance characteristics against micromotor driven rotation. To achieve the precise rotary cutting speed and torque demanded for oral surgical procedures, NSK Surgic XT automatically calibrates the micromotor to the resistance of each individual handpiece when attached to the micromotor
* Autoclavable quick connect cable is convenient and time-saving
* A simple Quick Connect cable system allows immediate interchange of the cable and micromotor during treatment. The cable and micromotor can be repeatedly autoclaved.


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