SMILE LINE - My Shade Guide, complete set for PORCELAINS - # 7500
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My Shade Guide, complete set  # 7500

My Shade Guide, complete set for Porcelain: 1 solid aluminum base with PC lid, 5 holders, 25 sticks/clips, 1 synthetic rubber mold, 8ml porcelain separating fluid, 2 build-up glass slabs, 2 x-thin blades


Shade guides supplied by the industry are commonly used: although everyone agrees on the fact that often there is a lack of accuracy in color vs. the products used.

Our aim with My Shade Guide is to offer you the possibility to easily make your own shade guides based on your own reality.  The set contains synthetic rubber mould, separator, all the small supports, sticks and clips and the box for collecting all the finished parts.

Note: My Shade Guide exists also in version for making teeth samples out of composite (a different specific mould).


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