MPF BRUSH USA  offers laboratory supplies including ceramic Kolinsky brushes; ceramic carving tools; waxing knives and instruments; palettes for ceramics and stains; diamond polishing paste; crown and bridge holders; MPF BRUSH  USA Peg Fix, a refractory stabilizing paste; and rotary instruments for ceramics and zirconia. The MPF brush features a spring-activated system, allowing for moisture control when building ceramics. The MPF BRUSH Evolution Master Ceramic palette has a unique nylon membrane and stain tray sliding drawer for immediate access to your materials.


Beautiful Dental Instruments

At MPF Brush Co. our primary goal is to continue to improve our customer’s performance by offering a unique range of laboratory hand tools, brushes, palettes, accessories and rotary instruments at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

MPF Evolution Master Ceramic Palette

The Evolution Master Ceramic Palette has a sleek, contoured design. It’s ergonomic design is user friendly, allowing easy access to your ceramic materials without obtrusive, robust parts inhibiting your movements to the anterior portion of the tray.

MPF Brushes & Composite Applicators

Introducing the MPF Direct composite applicators, these tools are designed with ergonomics, comfort and balance in mind. The unique design of each and every tip allow for intraoral application and also for the dental technicians lab composite applications as well.

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