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    Function & Performance
    The wax dipping pots hotty and hotty LED are the optimal units for producing dimensionally stable wax copings with a uniform thickness in only a few seconds.

    * Quick, continuous heating phase.
    * Accurate results due to permanent compensation of minimal temperature fluctuations.
    * Uniform temperature distribution ensures consistent layer thickness of the wax copings.

    The membrane keypad of the hotty LED enables the temperature to be set accurately to within a degree. The temperature status is permanently indicated by the LED display.
    The hotty allows for temperature input and display via a potentiometer.

    * Actual value indication in the dipping area of the dies.
    * Infinitely variable temperature setting from 60 - 110°C (140 - 230°F).
    * Ergonomically contoured housing provides optimal support for the fingers.
    * No contamination of the unit by wax residue thanks to the specially designed wax runback pot.
    * The integrated lid provides protection against dirt and dust.

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