SHOFU FG Robot 0898-1 Corn Grit R Medium Length 5.0-6pk #0898-1

SHOFU FG Robot 0898-1 Corn Grit R Medium Length 5.0-6pk #0898-1
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Robot Fg Diamonds

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Feature SHOFU FG ROBOT Points 
Robotic manufacturing process distributes precise amounts of natural DIAMOND particles onto a one-piece, stainless steel shank.

Specifications  SHOFU FG ROBOT Points :

*  Made by high technology robots in a computer-automated environment
*  Multi-coating technique with a special surface treatment for durability - maintains cutting efficiency with less clogging
*  Smooth cutting and long lasting performance of SHOFU FG ROBOT Points 
*  Grits diamonds are available in: super fine (SF), fine (F), standard (R), coarse (C) and super coarse (SC)
*  Use  SHOFU FG ROBOT Diamonds Points : cavity and crown preparation

Precision diamonds for cavity and crown stump preparation and minimally invasive therapy

Exact dosages of DIAMOND particles are evenly distributed on a one piece shank of hardened stainless steel. The ideal relation of the protruding and embedded part of the DIAMOND particle ensures a long lasting low vibration performance.

Grit sizes SHOFU FG ROBOT Points
Besides the standard grained ROBOT Points (S, without shank marking), there is a range of super coarse (X, black banded shank), coarse (C, green banded shank), fine (F, red banded shank) and superfine (V, yellow banded shank) diamonds.

Minimally invasive diamonds SHOFU FG ROBOT Points
ROBOT Points for minimally invasive therapy were developed for the maximal protection and preservation of healthy tooth substance. Six special shapes are available for the fine preparation of wedge shaped defects up to occlusal cavities.

The differently shaped, delicate abrasives have a very homogeneous grit (100 µm, standard). The very short head length (0.7 – 2.0 mm) and a slender shank neck ensure an unimpeded view on the prepared surface. For the precise preparation in the sense of the MiCD concept these ROBOT Points are used at a maximum speed of 300,000 rpm.

Benefits SHOFU FG ROBOT Points

  • Exact, even distribution of DIAMOND particles
  • Five grit sizes: super coarse, coarse, standard, fine, superfine
  • Shank and working end are produced from a one-piece blank
  • Long-lasting
  • Precise concentricity

Indications SHOFU FG ROBOT Points

  • Chairside: For cavity and crown preparation as well as adjusting direct restorative materials
  • In the dental laboratory: E. g. fine adjustments to fully anatomical designed occlusal surfaces of porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays; finishing of approximal areas

Range of Application SHOFU FG ROBOT Points
Suitable for the following materials: Tooth enamel, porcelain, composite, filling materials such as GIC, cements

info SHOFU FG ROBOT Points
ROBOT Points should always be used intermittently with low pressure and water cooling.

Package: 1 piece per pack

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