* Beautifil Flow is a radiopaque light-cure flowable restorative material for esthetic restorations.
    * Beautifil Flow is available in the two distinctive viscosities F02 ( low flow ) and F10 ( high flow ), its shades harmonise perfectly with Beautifil.
    * A syringe specially developed for the dentist?s needs assures the simple and hygienic application of the material without oozing of excess paste.
    * Both versions of Beautifil Flow are available in seven shades based on the Vita* Classical Shade Guide.

    * Small, shallow cavity restorations ( class I to III and class V cavities )
    * Deciduous restorations
    * Base / liner under restorations
    * Fissure sealant
    * Undercut blockout
    * Restorations of fractured porcelain and composites

    * High water repellence and long-term stability
    * Remarkable radiopacityfluoride release and recharge
    * Natural light diffusion
    * Innovative design of syringe with 360? rotary finger grip

     Material properties
    - Contains S-PRG filler created by using the PRG technology ( Pre-Reacted Glass Ionomer ). It is one of the products of "Giomer", a product category that hybrizided the advantages of glass ionomer and composite resin.
    - F10 Is available in the shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A3O ( opacious A3 ), A3T ( A3 translucent ).
    - F02 is avalaibe in the shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A3O ( opacious A3 ), G ( Gum )

    US DENTAL DEPOT Inc is an Authorized SHOFU Dealer in the US.


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